FAST Congress


Personalized Medicine 
  • Drug Diagnostic Co-Development
  • Targeted Cancer Therapy

Translational Cancer Medicine 
  • Circulating Tumor Cells
  • Cancer Stem Cells
Biomarker Development
  • Protein Biomarkers
  • Biomarker Data Analysis
  • Cancer Biomarkers
Adaptive Clinical Trials
  • Implementation of Adaptive Clinical Trials
  • Adaptive Trial Designs for Proof-of-Concept and Dose Finding
Diagnostic Development
  • Companion Diagnostics
Pre-Conference Events

Short Course: Fit-For-Purpose Biomarker Assay Development and Validation 

Executive Think Tank: Strategies for Drug-Diagnostic Co-Development 


Featured Speakers

Eric Green
Eric Green

Ruth March
Ruth March
Personalized Healthcare

Zivana Tezak
Zivana Težak
Associate Director
Personalized Medicine

Andrea Lauber
Andrea Lauber
Head, Pharmacodiagnostics
Strategic Transactions
Briston-Myers Squibb Co.

Thomas Ried
Thomas Ried
Cancer Genomics
National Cancer Institute

Edward Abrahams
Edward Abrahams
Executive Director
Personalized Medicine


Event Highlights:

Event HighlightsNETWORK with 500+ delegates from 275+ organizations, representing 20+ countries.
LEARN from 100+ presentations, 50+ posters, and 30+ exhibits.
ACCESS five tracks, covering personalized medicine, cancer, biomarkers, diagnostics, and clinical trials.

What’s New in 2010:

  • Expanded coverage of personalized medicine models and bridging drug-diagnostic development
  • In addition to circulating tumor cells, the coverage of cancer research includes cancer stem cells, translation of the cancer genome, and cancer biomarkers
  • The new track on Diagnostic Development covers the latest advances in molecular diagnostics
  • Continued from 2009 are the long-running meetings on biomarker development and
    adaptive clinical trial designs