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Monday, September 13


2:00-3:00 Conference Registration

3:00-3:10 Welcoming Remarks from Conference Director

Julia Boguslavsky, Executive Director, Conferences, Cambridge Healthtech Institute


Drug-Diagnostic Co-Development at Big Pharma

3:10-3:15 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Ruth E. March, Ph.D., Personalized Healthcare Leader, AstraZeneca

3:15-3:50 Achieving Success in Personalized Healthcare: The Role of Partnerships

Ruth E. March, Ph.D., Personalized Healthcare Leader, AstraZeneca

Personalized Healthcare may prove one of the key ways in which the pharmaceutical industry can meet its growing challenges, but there are few examples of successful drug-diagnostic co-development. What are the key success factors and potential pitfalls of personalized healthcare development? How can pharmaceutical companies best use the expertise of partners and diagnostic companies to deliver personalized healthcare medicines to patients? This talk will use historical examples and emerging case studies from AstraZeneca to illustrate these points.

3:50-4:25 Challenges of Rx/Dx Partnering: Co-Development and Commercialization of Companion Products

Andrea H. Lauber, Ph.D., Head, Transactions for Clinical Biomarkers and Pharmacodiagnostics, Strategic Transactions Group, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Partnering to co-develop and commercialize therapeutics and companion diagnostics is critical to enable delivery of Personalized Medicine. Typically, Rx companies partner with other Rx companies to create products of similar types and value proposition. However, companion products require collaboration between Rx and Dx partners, whose products have different value propositions and hurdles. Alignment of partners who will develop separate but interrelated products will be discussed and various considerations explored.

4:25-5:00 Tailored Therapeutics at Eli Lilly: Our Strategy for the Co-Development of Diagnostics with Therapeutics

Brian T. Edmonds, Ph.D., Research Advisor, Global External Research & Development, Lilly Corporate Center

One approach to improving the clinical outcome for individual patients is to marry the predictive power of certain diagnostic tests with a specific treatment regimen. This is not a novel concept to clinical practice, but with the advent of powerful molecular biology tools, new vistas and associated challenges are appearing. This presentation will outline Eli Lilly’s approach to coordinating the disparate development work streams of diagnostics and therapeutics with emphasis on choosing partners, how those relationships are managed, and the implications on therapeutic product sales and support.

5:00-6:00 Opening Reception with Poster and Exhibit Viewing