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Fit for Purpose Cover Fit-For-Purpose Biomarker Assay Development
and Validation DVD

This course will provide recommendations on the “fit-for-purpose” best practices in the development and validation of biomarker assays for the intended exploratory or advanced biomarker applications. Strategies for different applications at various phases of biomarker development will be described. Key elements in method development and validation will be illustrated with examples, including reference to standard material, sample stability and collection integrity, validation and QC samples, validity of reference standards, calibration curve fitting methods, method optimization and method feasibility studies. The special challenges in protein biomarker assays will be discussed, including strategies for moving from biomarker panels in the exploratory phase to the few markers chosen to support clinical trials. Click here for more info 

Personalized Med CoverPersonalized Medicine DVD 

The “Personalized Medicine” DVD includes 10 presentations, providing a comprehensive overview of all angles of personalized medicine implementation from thought-leaders at big pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, academia, FDA, NIST, insurance provider, law firm and the Personalized Medicine Coalition. The Personalized Medicine DVD offers a convenient multi-media format, allowing you to learn from the experts from the comfort of your own office and on your own schedule. Click here for more info 

DVD CoverCirculating Tumor Cells: Assay Development and Clinical Utility DVD 

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) have recently captured the spotlight because of their potential as prognostic markers for clinical management of cancer patients. Translation of CTC technologies into clinical practice requires progress in assay development and establishing clinical utility. This DVD features expert speakers from CHI’s Biomarker Assay Development 2010 meeting addressing novel approaches to CTC detection and profiling, as well as establishing clinical utility of CTCs for predicting disease progression and response to therapy. Click here for more info 


ADAPT 2009 a huge success in Washington, D.C.! 

 More than 450 research scientists, physicians and others from public and private sectors convened at the Grand Hyatt Washington for ADAPT 2009, September 22-25, 2009. The conference included 8 focused programs, featuring over 90 presentations, 4 pre-conference short courses, 8 Keynote presentations, networking access to over 450 participants and more than 20 exhibits.

 Track 1, Optimizing Clinical Trials: Featured CHI’s Third Annual Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs, focusing on managing complexity for successful implementation and the Third Annual Clinical Biomarkers program and its coverage of the optimization of drug development.

 Track 2, Implementing Personalized Medicine: Included coverage of CHI’s Inaugural Personalized Medicine focusing on how to deliver on the promise and the Inaugural Targeted Therapy meeting with coverage of improving individualized cancer treatment.

 Track 3, Advancing Cancer Therapy: Included CHI’s Second Annual Translational Cancer Medicine meeting featuring the latest developments in optimizing oncology for drug and diagnostics, and the Inaugural Circulating Tumor Cells meeting, shaping the future of cancer care.

 Track 4, Bridging the Silos in Biomarker Development: Featured CHI’s Third Annual Biomarker Data Analysis meeting, with coverage of the integration of biomarker data and a focus on establishing biological and clinical relevance, and the Seventh Annual Protein Biomarkers program with its focus on overcoming translational challenges.

 We want to thank you for your participation and for helping to make this event a great success. 

Hear what people had to say about this year’s event: 

“The session at CHI’s ADAPT Congress 2009 on Value Creation Models in Personalized Medicine, followed by the panel discussion on Benefits & Challenges in Personalized Medicine, was one of the most stimulating and interactive discussions I’ve heard in a long time.” 
-- Mark Chance, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Center for Proteomics & Bioinformatics, Case Western Reserve University

“The plenary keynote session at the ADAPT Congress 2009 is among the best conference sessions I have attended for the past three years. CHI brought together a group of visionary speakers with complementary viewpoints on post-genome biomarker applications. It was quite thought-provoking on this hot topic today.” 

-- Jake Y. Chen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Informatics and Computer Science, Indiana University School of Informatics; Founding Director, Indiana Center for Systems Biology and Personalized Medicine 


“CHI has done it again.  The ADAPT Congress 2009 is a great gathering of speakers, with great topics that are very timely and well-coordinated.”--Harold Garner, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor, Xanapath LLC; Professor, Internal Medicine and Biochemistry, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center 

Make plans to join us again in the Washington, D.C. area for the 2010 event! 

 The dates for 2010 will be posted on this site as soon as they are confirmed. 

Please visit for future news and program updates related to ADAPT 2010 

September 22: Pre-Conference Short Course
Biomarker Assay Development and Validation

Third AnnualAdaptive Clinical Trial DesignsManaging Complexity for Successful Implementation
September 22-24

Third Annual
Clinical Biomarkers
Optimizing Drug Development
September 24-25

September 22: Pre-Conference Short Course
Circulating Tumor Cells: Commercial Advances

InauguralPersonalized Medicine
Delivering on the Promise
September 22-24

Targeted Therapy Towards Individualized Cancer Treatment
September 24-25

September 22: Pre-Conference Short Course
Novel Cancer Biomarkers

Second AnnualTranslational Cancer Medicine Optimizing Oncology Drug and Diagnostic Development
September 22-24

InauguralCirculating Tumor Cells Shaping the Future of Cancer Care
September 24-25

September 22: Pre-Conference Short Course
Biomarker Qualification and Validation

Third AnnualBiomarker Data Analysis Integrating Biomarker Data and Establishing Biological and Clinical Relevance
September 22-24

Seventh Annual
Protein Biomarkers 
Overcoming Translational Challenges
September 24-25



Barrett_Carl J. Carl Barrett
VP and Global Head
Oncology Translational Medicine, Novartis

NICHOLAS_DRACOPOLI Nicholas C. DracopoliVP, Biomarkers, Centocor R&D
Johnson & Johnson

Feuerstein_Giora Giora FeuersteinAVP, Head, Discovery Translational Medicine
Wyeth Research

Stephen_Friend  Stephen H. FriendPresident

Ratain_Mark  Mark J. Ratain
Chairman, Clinical Pharmacology and
Cancer Research Center, Univ. Chicago

Roses_Allen  Allen D. RosesDirector, Deane Drug Discovery Institute
Duke Univ. School of Medicine

Doug Throckmorton Douglas C. Throckmorton
Deputy Director
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

  Frank L. Douglas
Senior Fellow, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation;
and Senior Partner, PureTech Ventures



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